Thank you to all of our Living Social guests who have come through the ranch this winter, and those yet to come. We appreciate the business. As a part of our Living Social Package we have been building a winter campfire for our Living Social guests who wish to brave the elements and experience a smores campfire on some pretty cold nights. To be honest, after a nice dinner, both Skip and I like to nestle down and relax watching TV through our eyelids. This commitment has made us go out; load up the Kubota RTV with a load of wood; grab our LED flashlight; bag of ingredients for smores; and head to the fire pit out behind the Bunkhouse. Arriving at the firepit your senses adjust to the dark; quiet; and cold. But Skip gets the fire roaring and it warms up quickly, while Iwalk through the ranch, knocking on doors inviting folks to the campfire. There are folks who decline, but for the ones that come and join us  have a great time. It is fun to meet new folks; chat about what we all do; funny camping experiences; what they enjoy about the north woods; and of course a few fears about what forest animal might visit us at the fire. Not to worry – the fierest thing we’ve had so far is our little springer dog hoping for something to drop at her feet that is edible. Since mother nature has not been kind to us with snow thus far; the north woods has been exceedlingly quiet so guests really get to enjoy the crackle of the fire; brisk night air; gorgeous starry nights; and roasting marshmellows over the open fire and making yummy smores.