Two Barns – Three Paddock Areas

We have one barn, one open-style barn, and three paddock areas on the ranch. This gives us a total of 15 paddocks and 19 box stalls.

All The Details

  • All horses need current negative coggins
  • 15 Paddocks Available
  • 19 Box Stalls in outdoor style barn
  • Paddocks in three areas on the ranch
  • Water available at each paddock area
  • Do not put our hose end into your water bucket.
  • Please use a hay bag for feeding hay. 
  • Manure Stantion and carts available at each area
  • When space is available, horses may use more than one space i.e. paddock & stall
  • Horses are $10/night per horse
Safety & Rules

Please Keep In Mind …


Because of our liability insurance we will be asking each and every person to read and sign our Release of Liability.
    • Anyone bringing horses to the ranch, needs to have a current coggins on each horse. If your horse has recently attended or been in contact with horses that have EHV-1 or Strangles or any other contagious disease please do not bring them to the ranch. They should not be working anyway. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
    • Because of our liability insurance we will be asking each and every person to read and sign our Release of Liability. You can download it here so you can read at your leisure before coming to the ranch.  In order to get insurance in this day and age it is demanded that we use such a tool.
    • We do make every effort to make sure our riders and horses stay safe, however, when dealing with 1000+ lb animals risks always exist.
    • We also ask that you come prepared for the little things that can happen. Mountain is 45 minutes from the nearest larger town and stores. Suggestions would be thermometer, stethoscope, Banamine, Bute, vet wrap, duck tape, some kind of antibiotic cream,  soft packing material for cleaning scrapes or punctures. We do stock tube electrolytes for sale.
    • We have a local veterinarian who may be available for calls and questions, but for anything serious you will need to trailer to a medical facility. Below is a short list or you can google another that you are familiar with.
    • Please bring a bucket for water and a fork for cleaning up any area used by your horse. If you leave it for us to clean expect a $50 charge. Please do not put the hose end into your bucket, that is a cross contamination point between horses.
    • The southern end of the Chequamegon Nicolet is a large area of land 666,000 acres to be exact. We do have a map available and will spend as much time as needed explaining it to you. However, it is not uncommon for new folks to be quite intimidated by the lay of the land. If Sarah is available, she is more than happy to ride with you and help you figure it out. If you have the spirit of adventure and want to figure out yourself, but get turned around, you will have 2 cell numbers to contact us directly. We have been here 20 years and have always gotten everyone back, some have had a longer ride than they had hoped for but all are well and have a story to tell.
    • Please remember to bring bug spray for yourself and your horse as summers in Wisconsin do have bugs from time to time, sometimes all the time.
      • Our water here at the ranch is Nicolet Spring Water right out of the ground. It is great tasting, and we encourage you to use your reusable water bottle instead of disposable. We do like to encourage reducing the use of disposable plastic.
      • Spur of the Moment Ranch has a policy of NO FIREWORKS  on the ranch because of our animal guests. However, I cannot control what others do around Chute Pond, so if you intend to come in the month of July particularly you are likely to hear fireworks in the vicinity of the ranch.
      • The main Nicolet Trail is a shared use trail by all users groups.  We have worked very hard with our Trail Alliance Group in Oconto County to make them safe.   The local ATV/UTV riders in this area are polite and will stop or slow down and let you pass.  Please remember to be courteous to them as well.   A kind thank you goes a long way with the group of 15 ATV/UTV’s who took the time to stop!   If you have a safety problem on the trail (because there is always that one) please let us know  and we will do our best to take care of it.
      • Paddocks and Stalls are not reserved.  They are used on a first come first serve basis.  After everyone settles in and guest & horses do a ride or two the horses will settle down next to their new buddies!
      • If you’re new to trail riding:  Spur of the Moment Ranch is perfect place.  The trails are easy, there is a lot of variety, the paddocks & stalls are safe, and our staff is here to help you feel confident in your new adventures.   In the past, we have had people who have tried a  first adventure away from home or a trainer.  Please don’t wait until Sunday when your bummed about your weekend to ask for help.    We have a herd of our own & have seen a lot horse/rider teams come through the ranch.  We are more than happy to help you get those nerves calmed down & enjoy the forest with your horse!  Just ask!
      • Please do not just turn your horses loose outside the pens to graze.   There is always a wide variety of people at the ranch and we need to keep everyone & horse safe.  Your horse may be solid as a rock, but it only takes one little thing in an unknown place to have an accident.
      • Please keep them on a lead while letting them snack.
      • If you have an accident while at the Ranch (either on the Ranch or in the forest), please let us know.   We are here to help!
      • Most importantly, we hope both you & your horse enjoy your stay at the Ranch!

      UW Veterinary Care

      Animal hospital
      Madison, WI  
      In University of Wisconsin-Madison
      Open 24 hours · (608) 263-7600

      Wisconsin Equine
      Clinic & Hospital

      Animal hospital
      Oconomowoc, WI
      Open ⋅ Closes 5PM · (262) 569-1550

      Great Lakes Equine
      Wellness Center, Inc.

      Hortonville, WI
      (920) 779-4444

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