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Spur of the Moment Ranch

14221 Helen Ln | Mountain, WI  54149

Phone Numbers

(Voice) 800-644-8783
(Voice or text) 715 276-3726

Office Hours

M-F: 8am – 6pm, S-S, 9am – 1pm


Frequently Asked Questions

The online reservation does not let me enter dogs or horses.

If you make a reservation online, it will not allow you to list your horse(s) or dog(s). You can send me an email to or call and leave me a message and I will enter them for you.

What is in the kitchen?

Dishes, pots and pans, dish soap, dish towels and dish cloth. We do not provide paper towel or kleenex.

Can we reserve a specific stall or paddock area for our horses?

No, believe it or not it is easier to settle horses as they come in. We do try to keep horses in paddocks nearest their cabin or campsite, but it all depends on the weekend.

Do we need to bring feed for our horses?

Yes, you will need to bring any hay and grain your horse will need. Please remember a water bucket, and fork for picking paddocks and stalls used by your horse.

Do we rent our horses to take on the trail?

No, you are not allowed to rent our horses and take them out without staff as this is a huge liability issue and safety issue for our horses.

What food is in the cabin?

We are not allowed to keep any food in the cabin including salt, pepper, ice, ketchup, mustard, sugar, etc.

Do we have grills?

We have fire pits with a grill service on top. You may bring charcoal grills if you like.

Do you sell fire wood?

Yes, we do sell firewood by the bundle. You may bring firewood if you wish.

Spur Of The Moment Ranch

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