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Horse Fun

Donkey & Me

 A short adventure with Blackjack our Miniature Donkey. Learn to groom, pick feet, saddle, & ride Blackjack. Blackjack will remain on a lead line throughout the entire experience, riding included. The donkey adventure is tailored to the individual child & their attention span & willingness to participate. Price is adjusted based on child & reaction to donkey. Some kids just don’t want to get close and that’s ok! Helmet, long pants, & closed toed shoes are a requirement.

Riding Lessons

Open to any age, beginner through advanced. Riding lessons are a combination of learning to groom, pick feet, saddle, & ride. All riding is done in the paddock on the Ranch. Small trail rides can be arranged depending on comfort of the individual rider with the approval of our staff. All lessons are done on a one on one basis. No group lessons available. All riders must have a helmet, long pants, & closed toed shoes. No exceptions!

Driving Lessons

Available for one or two people at a time.  Learn to groom, tack, & hook Thorn, our Percheron.  All driving lessons are done in our meadow-brook cart.   All driving lessons are done out in the forest so  plan for a little mud and an old fashioned four-wheeling adventure, horsepower style! Drivers are always accompanied by our staff.  Length of lesson is dependent on individuals participating.  Allow for a minimum of an hour to an hour and a half.  Closed toed shoes & a helmet are required.

Youth & Community Education

Upon completion, your group will understand the basics of horse care & safety for all involved. Working around horses is not just an “in the saddle” opportunity. One must understand the basics of moving around the animals, grooming, assisting by leading, holding, ground work, tacking, and riding or driving. As a small group, you will learn the skill or task and then be given the time & assistance to develop it within your group. There is always plenty of time for hands on work at the Ranch! The staff at the Ranch understand the diversity in comfort levels with large animals and we will do our best to give you time to overcome those fears! We are aware, especially with youth groups, some kids don’t even have a dog! That’s OK. Each person in your group will be expected to help groom, pick a foot, tack your horse (saddle or harness), participate in bridling, head a horse while someone mounts, mount & ride, learn to guide, start, stop, the importance of cues, trot, learn & understand body position, dismount! Everyone participating in a youth or community education group will have the chance to drive our carriage horse! Each group will start with a Miniature Donkey Ice Breaker! Open to small groups!

Large groups will be accommodated with prior approval. Example: A Boy-scout Leader Group participated in a day long Equine Merit Badge Experience. The adults were split in to the groups and moved throughout four stations. Grooming! Tack & Equine Disciplines! Riding! Driving! They brought their own bagged lunches & we have bathroom facilities available!

Carriage Rides

Enjoy a relaxing ride through the forest in our Wagonette.   It comfortably holds 4 adults.    Price is dependent on length of ride!  Again, with small children, the attention span is less and that’s ok!   Carriage horse is also available for special occasions!  Weddings, Engagements, Anniversaries, Birthdays, etc.  Call for further details.  

Help Me, Please

Bringing your horse to the Ranch & nervous about the maps.  Sarah is happy to accompany you on a ride and show the lay of the land!   Can’t find a particular spot?  The overlook, the river crossing?  Will get you there!  Lost in the woods?  Don’t hesitate to call for help.  We are happy to talk you back to the ranch over the phone or we have been known to send someone out to help you get back!   These services are a complimentary amenity to staying at the Ranch. . . but your story may be told! 
Safety & Rules

Please Keep In Mind …

Horse Safety at the Ranch is a huge deal!

Please listen carefully & follow all directions of our staff members.

Horses and donkeys are amazing animals and we want all our guest to leave with amazing memories.  

Anyone entering barn area, paddock area, etc MUST have closed toed shoes on.  This includes all parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. of children or adults working with any donkey or horse!  If you have flip flops, you will be asked to stay out of all horse areas at all times.  

Adults are encouraged to watch their child’s lesson and there will be plenty of opportunities for photos. We ask that you step back and allow your child to do all the activities at their pace. If your child has a disability or medical condition that may interfere with their lesson at some point, we ask you to let us know up front! Horses are amazing animals and are very willing to teach unconditionally if you let them!

All waivers must be signed prior to horse activities.  Minor must have a signing adult.  

All riders, including adults must wear a provided helmet.  

Please WALK at all times.  Horses are flight animals and benefit from calm easy movements.  The horses here know our staff, but they don’t know you!  There is never any reason to rush around at the Ranch.

All horse activities at the Ranch are outdoor activities so please plan accordingly.  Bug spray, water bottles, cameras, sun block are all acceptable.  Rain ponchos need to be left in your vehicle or cabin.  

Feeding treats is welcome at the discretion of our staff.  We ask our staff to not allow hand feeding of any horses or donkeys because it promotes biting and we have a lot of little fingers to look out for here at the Ranch.   Little fingers. . . look like ?   CARROTS!   

All experiences must be paid at the time of service unless prior arrangements have been made.  

If it is an (change) organization, a leader must be present at all time(s) & waivers must be signed by parents upon arrival.   


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