Winter 2014 – Northwoods Wisconsin will be remembered and talked about for many, many years to come. We have had 50 days below zero; a ton of snow; ice so deep in the lakes the guys have needed extensions for their ice augers; frozen water pipes; frozen septics; and experience with roof rakes.

What keeps us going in these extreme conditions are the folks who have visited the ranch and experienced winter in the northwoods. Ice Fishing ShackSome of our guests brought ice fishing shacks and tried their luck during the fishing derbys. Some folks brought or rented cross country skis or snowshoes and soaked up the beauty of the forest while they quietly glided or stepped across the glistening snow. Beautiful TrailsThe snowmobilers have had a great season, our trails were magnificent throughout the season. Turkey Bowl 5There are many small weekend activities that kept spirits high like Turkey Bowling up at the Riverview Ice Rink. The ice rink itself was open to skating all winter; and they do have donated skates available for those without.

Sarah digging out propane tanksSkip and I have been very blessed this year to have the help of our daughter Sarah at the ranch. She has been a trooper given our polar vortex winter; she has come to us after spending more than 10 years in Arkansas which has a much warmer climate. She has become very close to her 4.0 Under Armor which she has been not without this season. Our grandchildren have made us remember what fun kids can have in a snowy winter. Tessa Ice SkatingThey have been building snowmen, tunneling through huge piles of snow; sledding; skating; making snow angels and throwing snow balls. At one point, our grandson said, “wow, this snow just doesn’t go away” . In Arkansas, snow comes, it melts completely; intersperses warm days; and continues the cycle, so he was not used to the endless snow like we have had this year.