This 4th of July week has been a hot and sticky one for the record books in Wisconsin, and most parts of the country. What better way to survive the heat than play in the water in Wisconsin. Guests this last week have enjoyed the many options Oconto County and surrounding area in Wisconsin have to offer.

Some drove a couple of miles over to Oconto County Park Wisconsin; and trekked across the dam; followed the hiking trail to slippery rock. This is a natural rock slide with free flowing water that generations have enjoyed. There have been a few folks this summer who had not been back to Mountain since their childhood, and delighted in finding that secret spot that gave them so much fun as a kid.

Then there were the guests who opted for a fun tube float down the Wolf River from Bob and Joni’s over in Lakewood. This is one that friends and family of all ages can enjoy. The float is at your pace, and as one of my guests described “so beautiful and relaxing” , definitely a great way to spend a hot, humid day.

Bass, Boot, and Wheeler Lake are also great choices with sand beaches and sandy bottom clear water. These lakes are all part of the national forest service, they do charge a nominal carload fee; or summer fee if you are staying longer.  Pack a picnic lunch, what a great way to spend those warm summer days.

One family brought along their canoe, put it in right over on Kingston Road a couple of blocks from the ranch. From the Kingston Road boat landing to the main part of Chute Pond is about of mile of calm, quiet water. This stretch is beautiful, there are many species of birds to watch as you paddle through the channel. Our area is home to a variety of ducks, geese, blue herons, sand hill cranes, bald eagles, a couple of swans to mention a few. You can always bring your fishing rod and try your luck, as the Chute Pond is also known for its fishing.

If it is water fun you choose to pass your summer days, Oconto County Wisconsin has 58 lakes, and 38 streams to explore. If you are stretching you budget, and want some good old natural fun, check out Spur of the Moment Ranch in Mountain, Wisconsin in the heart of Oconto County.