For my own health, I need to walk 30 minutes a day, decided with the new year that the dogs and I would walk together. This has been a beautiful winter and spring to challenge myself to accomplish daily exercise. Here is one of the snowmobile trails that we enjoy off of Kingston Road, about a half mile from Spur of the Moment Ranch. Valentine, our Springer Spaniel and Minime, our little Jack Russell have certainly been enjoying their excursions. Thus far this year, we have encountered wood ducks; swans; canadian geese; sand hill cranes; and mallard ducks as we stroll across the bridge with the Oconto River on one side and Chute Pond on the other.

Our many guests this winter and spring have also enjoyed the deer that have journeyed across the property at dusk. Other guests have enjoyed bringing their dogs to Spur of the Moment Ranch, getting them out of the city and enjoying hikes and sights, checking the many guinea hens that pick their way through; or listen to the donkeys bray for attention. One of our guests last weekend had a year old shepard/setter mix that was a very big dog. In the city they had been unable to let it off leash to this point. They used one of our large horse pens which goes 6 rails high and thoroughly enjoyed being able to work with their dog off leash with the security that he was not going to get away from them. When you are looking for a dog-friendly environment, remember Spur of the Moment Ranch. All dogs need to have rabies vaccinations; need to be under your control at all times.