The UTV side by sides are catching on in Wisconsin. Couples; friends, grandparents and grandkids can ride together next to each other on the trails. You can enjoy the Chequamegon/Nicolet National forest and take the time to chat with one another while you are riding. With a windshield, you are a little protected from the dust of the trails, you are also protected from rain as you ride. They are great for folks that have some arthritis; knee or hip problems; or other medical issues to be able to be out and enjoy the natural resources around them.

This is a great time of year to be out enjoying the world around on a UTV in Wisconsin. Fall colors although not perhaps at peak are definitely here. With some great weather forecasted for this next week, perhaps we will hold on to our blanket of color and make this a spectacular year in northern Wisconsin. This section of the state has been more fortunate this year, we have had rain periodically throughout the spring and summer, thus the colors are more beautiful than we had even anticipated they would be.

Spur of the Moment Ranch in Mountain, Wisconsin has a few vacancies left for this peak period, particularly during the week if you can sneak away. A Spur of the Moment Getaway is always a great thing. See you in the north woods of Wisconsin.