We just came off of a very warm weekend here at the ranch; high 80’s into 90 with that gosh darn humidity. Don’t let it spoil your fun, whether you are ATVing, UTVing, or horseback riding, go early and then hit the water for fun in the sun in the afternoon to break the heat. Horseback riders this past weekend went to Bob and Joni’s over on the Wolf River in Langlade County, Wisconsin about 15 miles from the ranch. They were into the slow float on inner tubes down the river. It was a great day for it. If you are looking for a little more excitement with your water, try Shotgun Eddies, raft down the Wolf river in Langlade County, Wisconsin where the rapids are more plentiful; and the rafting over the falls offer a little more for the thrill seeker.

Then there were the ladies who wanted a fun afternoon at the beach. My suggestion was Bass Lake outside of Lakewood, Wisconsin. This beautiful sandy bottom lake park is run by the United States Forest Service. There is a nominal fee per car for an afternoon of fun in the sun. The swimming area is roped off; there is a bathhouse; picnic tables and lots of room to build sand castles. What a better way to spend a hot afternoon.

One of our young couples this weekend went to slippery rock over at the Chute Pond Recreational Area in Mountain, Wisconsin. This is a great spot that has been in the neighborhood for almost as long as anyone can remember. It is in the County Park, take the walkway across the dam, follow the path along the shore line until you reach slippery rock. This is a natural outcropping of rock; shaped remarkably like a slide with water running over it. It is great fun, and something that most people remember for a lifetime. Many people who have come to the ranch; and visited the area as children, talk about this place they used to go with the slippery rock, but don’t remember where it was. They are always delighted to find that it is still here and still enjoyed by another generation.