Thursday morning early I was outside, the sun glistened through the snow and ice that clung to the trees; the ranch was beautiful. So often, even I do not think of doing a Spring getaway in March in Wisconsin. There is the inevitable melting and freezing of snow; there is the resulting mud until the soil thaws and the water is able to soak into the earth. But it can be a delightful rebirth in the forest after what was a long,snowy winter for the north woods. This weekend there are folks enjoying early Spring snowmobiling and ice fishing, it has been a long time since anyone could enjoy those activities in middle March because of our warm winters for the last several years.

Other folks are just looking forward to a relaxing weekend, kicking back, enjoying the quiet surroundings. Some choose to cook, others choose to enjoy one of our many family restaurants; bar and grills; or supper clubs. There is a little casual shopping to enjoy in Lakewood. Check out the north woods treasures; Sweet Memories Candy Store; the Winery on the hill; and the Joan White Studio. They are all within a couple of blocks, and a great way to spend a lazy afternoon on a Spring Getaway.

Some of our guests take advantage of the fact that we are dog friendly. Many folks enjoy relaxing and getting away with man’s best friend. They love having the time to share; playing ball; going for a long walk; playing in the spring snow; sniffing for an early chase with a bunny or chipmumk.

Our winter special at Spur of the Moment Ranch runs until the end of April, you still have time to book a spring getaway in the Nicolet National Forest.