The Natural Resources Board is holding 5 listening sessions across the state between October 29th and November 13th. The purpose of these sessions is to hear public feedback on the proposed implementation of Act 168 on state park lands. The Sport Heritage Act of 2012 (Act 168) opens state park lands to hunting and trapping. The link listed above takes you to the DNR website which list dates; times; locations of the meetings. This should be of concern to all of those in Wisconsin who ride horse trails; ATV trails; hike; swim; picnic in state parks across Wisconsin. There are only 2 provisions for closing or limiting them to hunting and trapping. The first allows (but does not require) the Department of Resources to prohibit hunting a, fishing and trapping within 100 yards of a designated use area. Secondly, The Act allows the Natural Resources Board, by majority vote, to prohibit hunting, fishing, and trapping when nexcessary to protect public safety or to protect a unique animal or plant community.

The following link is a map of the designated state parks in Wisconsin which will be subject to the Sport Heritage act of 2012. If you have concerns about this piece of legislation you need to take those concerns to one of the listening sessions. If you look at the map, this does effect the Nicolet Trail which you all use for ATV and Horse riding, as well as hiking and walking both people and dogs.