Snowmobiling in Wisconsin, at least in Oconto county will be very good to excellent again this weekend. The photos for this blog were taken in Mountain, Wisconsin not far off of the HWY 32/64 corridor.  The base has been maintained thanks to the cold weather, and it is snowing again as I post this blog. Our featured image today was taken from Kingston Road in Mountain, WI looking down the winding trail that heads to Chute Pond. The trail was freshly groomed and looking great.

Trail Shot in the PinesThe photo pictured in the blog was taken looking into the Pines off of Kingston Road; again freshly groomed and looking great. There was some icy drizzle last night and this morning, that created a definite crust on top of the snow. Now that it is snowing again this afternoon, it is expected to drop another 1-3 inches on the 1-2 inches that fell yesterday afternoon.

Kinston Trail ShotThis is a photo taken off of Kingston Road looking north on the Nicolet Trail; also taken this morning. Again, the trail is looking to be in terrific snowmobiling condition. The other photo is taken from Helen Lane looking south on the trail. 0217trail at Helen

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