Wisconsin is definitely the place to enjoy snowmobiling fun in the winter. Two of our very special repeat guests Brad and Aurora¬†enjoy the ranch and the forest during different seasons of the year. In the spring and fall they bring their horses and explore the trails, but in the winter they bring the snowmobiles and ride the trails. This trip they had what Aurora described as almost an experience she didn’t have words to describe. The morning after they arrived at the ranch it had snowed about 4 inches. It was a weekday, so the trails were pretty quiet, so when they set out in the morning it was mesmerizing. The snow hung from the trees forming a beautiful canopy as they rode through the forest. They were the very first people out blazing the trail for the day with the powdery snow blowing up around them as they made their way through the forest. Experiences like that is what makes snowmobiling fun in the winter.

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