Fall is a great time to ride horses in Wisconsin,  Why is that? The weather cools down. Our nights right now at the end of September going into October are running about 35-50 degrees, daytime temperatures reach 60-70. There has already been a couple of nights with frost and freeze warnings, our growing season is finished, and so are the bugs for the most part. The flies, the mosquitos, the bees are slowing down and if there is a breeze not bothering at all.

The frost at night brings out the color up here in the north woods. The color is popping everywhere, making it beautiful to ride horses in Wisconsin. There was much concern this year that our color would be muted, and/or very short lived. Actually, although some trees have lost a fair amount of leaves, there is very vivid and beautiful colors to see. We can feel pretty fortunate about that.

The horses frequent the trails until the end of October, when the weather can get pretty chilly, and the hunters are entering into their seasons. Take some time to enjoy the seasons.