Just got an email this morning with a notice that pertains to the Old Railroad Grade (Nicolet State Recreational Trail) . The 2 bridges north of Suring, WI and 1 bridge south of Mountain will have bridge rehab work done (concrete upper deck). The plan is to do all the work after the ATV-UTV season ends on October 31rst, 2013 weather permitting. These bridges are in need of maintenance, and concreting the upper deck will only make long term maintenance easier.

They may begin work early on the 2 bridges north of Suring, if they close early it would be October 28th, 2013. The bridge south of Mountain would remain open until October 31rst, 2013. ATV-UTV season closes October 31rst, snowmobile season does not open until at least December 15th. The project has been set to be as convenient, and non-disruptive to the recreation industry as possible.  Hopefully, you will all be enjoying this new improvement to our Nicolet State Recreational Trail very soon. Thank you for your understanding.