People enjoy exploring and relaxing in the north woods of Wisconsin. They come to horse back ride, ATV, fish, hunt, river raft, kayak, boat, canoe, hike, and many more adventurous things. Whether you are staying in a cabin or RVing, please be mindful of the awesome resource that the north woods offers. Spur of the Moment Ranch participates in the Travel Green Wisconsin program and is Travel Green Certified. As a part of that program it is important for us to provide visitors with expectations of what it takes to maintain the pristine natural resource that we all enjoy; and to preserve for our children and grandchildren, that they may have the experience and memories that you enjoy today.

Please keep these few details in mind as you pass through our beautiful north woods of Wisconsin. These are passed on to us by Leave No Trace; there website is The 7 principles are (1) Plan ahead and prepare (2) Travel and camp on durable services (3) Dispose of waste properly (4) Leave what you find (5) Minimize campfire impacts (6) Respect wildlife (7) Be considerate of other visitors. Thank you for your consideration.