I don’t know about you, but it has been a long, busy year for almost everyone I know. Perhaps before you get caught up in the stress of the holiday season you should consider a late fall getaway, a couple of days away, a holiday for yourself. Kick back, reset your clock, take care of yourself for a change. Norhing says R & R more than a weekend curled up by a fireplace, perhaps having a glass of wine, and doing a vintage movie marathon. Maybe you need to tweek that thought a little by curling up by the fireplace with a new book on your Kindle. When I really need to relax, I schedule a massage, and some quiet time alone with my thoughts. If that sounds like a plan, check out one of our log cabins here at Spur of the Moment Ranch. Nestled back off of HWY 32/64 at the southern end of the Chequamegon/Nicolet National Forest in Oconto County, Wisconsin, it could be the solitude you are looking for for a late fall getaway.

Today, election day, the ranch is experiencing its first snow of the season, a little more than flurries, but not enough to shovel. This is definitely a sign that it is late fall heading into winter. The first snow is always exciting, as a child I remember it signaled time to start baking holiday cookies. The horses and donkeys fur is getting thick and long, getting them ready for the cold winter ahead. The world around us is quieting down, and slowing down, another signal for us humans to perhaps slow down and consider a late fall getaway to reset our own clocks as we head into the cold winter ahead.