This last week we had Gail T.; Alison F. and Melinda E. here at the ranch sharing a horseback riding vacation. These ladies have gone to the Dakota’s riding, but this year chose Spur of the Moment Ranch for their horseback riding adventure. They enjoyed the many horseback riding trails that Oconto County Wisconsin┬áhas to offer. One of their comments was that they got to ride two more days because the drive was not as far. The bugs and weather were both cooperative for their stay. One hot afternoon they opted for a float down the Wolf River at Bob and Joni’s as a way to cool off and add a little extra fun to their vacation.

These ladies have been to the ranch before. They also commented on how many more trails they mastered on this trip, and how quiet the mid-weeks are here at the ranch. Thank you for staying at Spur of the Moment Ranch in Mountain, Wisconsin.