Spur of the Moment Ranch takes a natural by product – horse manure –  of our very special horse guests and turns it into natural compost. This process is an environmentally friendly way to recycle this by product and turn it into something nutritious for our gardens. Our guests at the ranch were fascinated by the process and husband Skip gave them a tour of our compost center here at Spur of the Moment Ranch in Mountain, Wisconsin.

Vermiculture, using worms to process compostible material, was selected as the method to handle an environmentally challenging waste product at the  Ranch because it could be easily contained. Our 5′ by 16′ EPM, inc flow through composter houses a 34″ Worm Bed” raw materials are fed in the top and finished Worm Castings harvested from the bottom. During the process we collect fresh manure from Manure Stanchions around the horse paddocks, each horse guest leaves us about 50 pounds for a weekend stay. this is moved to a pre-compost area and aerobically composted for 6-12 months and then used as the primary food source for our 250,000 Red African Wigglers. as surface feeders these worms consume about 200lbs per day. As the worms continue to feed and we harvest around 110 lbs. per days the worm casting move through the composter slowly developing a strong microbial content in addition to the natural fertilizer components of the casting. After the harvest, the castings and run through a sieve and mixer then bagged in biodegradable packaging for sale in our sister company Growth Spurt Compost, LLC  Visit our website at www.growthspurtcompost.com for more information or drop us an e-mail at skipm@growthspurtcompost.com .