Chute Pond Overlook (2)Spur of the Moment Ranch sits on the Nicolet Trail, which is a multi-purpose old railroad bed that leads to horse trails at the southern end of the Nicolet National Forest making it perfect for horse camping. The ranch itself is a resort featuring log full-housekeeping cabins; rustic camping cabins; and a campground for living quarters trailers. There is a bathhouse and dump station on the property. and With the variety of camping options available, it makes the ranch a great option for your horse camping fun.

The featured image is a guest couple that vacations here each year, they are on the southern lookout south of the Bonita Grade. The photo in this post is from the Chute Pond Overlook, another favorite riding spot.

Enjoying the RiverAnother popular spot is the river crossing on the Oconto River. Guests enjoy riding to the river on hot days, I think the horses enjoy it too. You are able to ride north in the river for a ways, where the water does get a little deeper.

On quiet days, many of my guests enjoy the ride to town and the stop at Scoopers, our local ice cream shop. Scoopers has put in a hitching rail off to the side to make your stop more enjoyable.

Horse camping at the southern end of the Nicolet Forest is beautiful. The riding is not difficult, but very enjoyable. There are opportunities to see lots of wildlife. The turtles are moving around now; rabbits are everywhere; we have seen fox, turkeys, ducks, geese, and some bald eagles. Last week, one of our guests came upon a porcupine in the wild. Luckily the porcupine decided to climb a tree and get out of the way. Check out Spur of the Moment Ranch for your horse camping adventure.

Gail Thompson at Scoopers