Happy Ground Hog Day everyone. According to Wynter the groundhog at the Milwaukee Zoo, she did not see her shadow today so that suggests an early spring here in Wisconsin. Although we are 3 hours north and I could not find my ground hog today, I did happen upon this great deer track in the snow in the woods.  The ground hogs in Mountain did not see their shadows or perhaps did not get up on such a cloudy, dreary day, so it appears as though we are headed for an early spring also. Imagine that, I hardly feel like we have had winter yet, but I better keep my mouth shut because letting that cat out of the bag could bring mother nature calling our way.

An interesting and rather humorous thing happened on the ranch as I was cleaning a cabin distributing last minute items cabins for the weekend. I noticed white little pellet looking things all over the ranch, at first and most of the day I was wondering how my dear husband managed to salt the entire ranch so evenly without my seeing him do it, really, that would have taken a very long time. Ididn’t think too much of it, but it really wasn’t melting the snow at all. Later in the day, as we were walking together to go turn up the heat in the cabins, my dear Skip laughed heartily at me; and told me how special I was, he said that was Rime. I must admit after both of us finished giggling about what I was thinking, I must say that I have never heard of Rime before, and don’t ever remember really noticing it. Thanks to all things Wikipedia, I looked it up, turns out ” it is a white ice that forms when the water droplets in fog freeze to the outer surfaces of objects.” Never a dull moment at the ranch.