Guests relaxing at the ranchWhat a beautiful  April spring Girls Getaway Weekend this past week. Our ladies this weekend enjoyed bringing their horses up for an early getaway. There were about 15 ladies in 3 cabins. As you can see, Sunday’s sunny, warm weather was an opportune time to sit, relax, and gab before packing up to go home.First horses of the season

On Friday, the ladies enjoyed a quiet ride to the southern lookout; and then gathered at the Weatherwood Supper Club on HWY 32/64  in Mountain, Wisconsin for a good old Wisconsin Fish Fry. The Weatherwood is about 1 1/2 miles from Spur of the Moment Ranch; they have a great bar and cocktail area; as well as a spacious dining room. All of the entrees include a salad bar where you can create your own salad; enjoy cheese and crackers; and homemade soups. Sherry and Bill Wilhelm make their own mouth watering ribs; there are steaks; fish, chicken, shrimp available as well.

Horse back riders enjoy heading to the river crossing; exploring the southern lookout; and riding the old cross country ski trails. The forest is beautiful as it is waking up to spring. The last few days the sound of the frogs in the ponds that have formed from melting snow is a constant chorus as you ride through the forest. The rabbits and the squirrels and chipmunks are quite busy and can be seen almost anywhere. The ducks, geese, eagles, and sand hill cranes can be heard getting in on the chorus at various times during the day. It is certainly nice to see the world around come alive after a very long winter. River Line Up 2Smiles on the Lookout