As many of you know, I wear a lot of hats at the ranch. Most days you can find me cleaning cabins; doing laundry; blogging at my computer; answering the phone; making reservations; or assisting guests. But last Tuesday night, the ladies from Chism Trail Ranch took the time to bring their horses for a one night getaway at the ranch. Sheryl who runs the stable is like me, she rarely gets away to do the fun stuff, she always has a list of things that need to be done to run her own business. She was kind enough to invite me to join their ride the next day, offered to have ladies joining them in the morning bring me a horse, said it was time we both do something fun. So I did!

What a splendid day. The weather was great, a little warm, but with a nice breeze. The consensus of the group was to head out and find the southern lookout. That is exactly what we did. It is a bit alusive to find, at one point we needed to double back, missed the spot where you start to climb up onto the ridge. The horseback ride was totally worth the destination, all the photos I’ve seen do not do it justice. It is a beautiful spot in Oconto County, Wisconsin. If you come and stay at Spur of the Moment Ranch to ride horseback it is a do not miss destination. Pack a picnic lunch, make a day of it. I certainly do not regret my afternoon trail ride with Chism Trail Ranch. Thank you to Sheryl and all of the ladies for a wonderful day.