Anglers come in all sizes. My grandson can spend hours fishing, and that is what he did when he visited grandma and grandpa this summer. He was aiming to catch something that was worthy of mounting, you see his dad caught a big northern from the shore down in southern Wisconsin where we lived at the time, and my husband had it mounted for him. Brennan has that fish; and some other family fish mounts decorating his bedroom wall at home. He really wanted one of his own to put on display. So he fished and he fished and he fished some more. He was fishing with worms; and minnows; and other baits. Finally, a couple of days before his dad got here to pick him up, there it was on the end of his hook. The big one, worthy of a wall mount. This fish is a large mouth bass; which will be mounted chasing a fine perch that he caught earlier in his stay. Certainly, a forever memory made here in Wisconsin while visiting grandma and grandpa.

The next step was to take the fish down to Owen Morgan at Morgan’s Taxidermy here in Mountain, Wisconsin. Grandma was very proud, he was able to share with Owen just how he wanted it mounted. There was much excitement in the shop. It will be a bit of a wait, nearly a year before it is done. Then grandma and grandpa will need to plan a road trip to take this fine mount to its final destination in Washington State. Looking forward to it already.