This past week the Vogt family from southeastern Wisconsin chose Spur of the Moment Ranch in Mountain Wisconsin for their annual family reunion. We were honored to host them. Each family had its own cabin; the older kids shared the bunkhouse they affectionately renamed the Club House. What a great way for the cousins to connect and have fun. They delighted in planning their own activities, one day was devoted to several hours spent at Shotgun Eddies over in Langlade County rafting the white water of the Wolf River.

They¬†brought several ATV’s which was another highlight of their reunion. They enjoyed traveling the ATV trails, exploring all the beautiful scenery Oconto County Wisconsin¬†has to offer. What a great way to spend time together as a family. Each day they cooked out and enjoyed sitting around the campfire sharing stories and teasing one another. They even brought a bean bag game that required everyone to anti up to play, with a sweet pot at the end for the winner.

The family also enjoyed the simple pleasures nearby like swimming and play in the Bagley Rapids; a side trip to slippery rock; and the hike up the Mountain Fire Tower. It was great to have them here at the ranch, and perhaps they will bring their family reunion back to Mountain Wisconsin again someday.