A number of different elements join together to make a family ATV weekend fun. This past weekend, one of our frequent visiting families was enjoying Spur of the Moment Ranch. From their facebook posts I would say that what appeals to them is the trails; the food; the accommodations; and a little unexpected excitement this past weekend.

The trails were great. The north woods is entering into a great season of the year here in Wisconsin. Visually, you see the beautiful changes of color in the leaves; you hear the crackle of the leaves as you ride your ATV through the trails; and you can smell the cool, crisp air of fall.

For our frequent visiting family, the food is a highlight. They remind me of me, always on search for the next best reservation. This weekend was a jackpot of culinary delights. There was Friday night fish at Halfway Bar, great food and fun atmosphere to start off a great weekend. Through facebook, our visiting family was able to lobby for their favorite breakfast special at Timberline in Lakewood, Wisconsin; Jill did not disappoint with orange-cranberry crepes. Saturday night was perfect, mid-70’s with a little breeze, it was a great night to sit out on the deck of Maiden Lake Supper Club in Lakewood, Wisconsin and watch the sun go down, and then in for a great dinner, followed by wonderful dessert.

Our frequent visiting family enjoyed their accommodations at Spur of the Moment Ranch. Saturday afternoon instead of ATVing, they opted for a snooze instead in their fishing themed log cabin on the trail in Mountain, Wisconsin. It was a great evening to turn on the fireplace, get cozy,  and kick back after a great evening meal.

But what was the unexpected excitement you ask. On one of their ATV adventures on a woodland trail north of Wabeno, Mike, one of the children spied a “hairy hiker”. What is a “hairy hiker” you say, well that would be the black bear that ran across in front of them on the trail. Just a little something to remember on a fun adventure weekend in the north woods of Wisconsin.