Spur of the Moment Ranch ran a Living Social Escape for 2012. One of our packages sold to Terri and Lee who enjoy kayaking. They booked their package to experience fall lake kayaking in Wisconsin, and specifically here in Oconto County. When coming to Wisconsin, or living here, one never knows what mother nature has to hold for us on any given day. The day that Terri and Lee arrived, our temperatures were near 70 degrees; but the clouds and fog were engulfing us. I recommended that they take their kayaks down to the boat launch on Kingston Road, a couple blocks from the ramch. There you can go about 3/4 of a mile north on the Oconto River; and then south under the bridge on Kingston paddling down a mile long channel that empties into the Chute Pond Recreational Area. They seem to have thoroughly enjoyed their adventure on such a mysteriously foggy, Halloween type day.

The next day they set off early with their kayaks to Boot Lake, up off of County Road T in Oconto County. Boot Lake is approximately 15 miles from the ranch. The weather on this day was predicted to bring in heavy rain showers as the day wore on, but Terri and Lee were able to enjoy their kayaking adventure around Boot Lake. Later in the evening, Skip and I ran into them as they were heading into the Weatherwood Supper Club for a nice dinner on their last night in Oconto County. Hopefully, they will be back some day to kayak some of the other 58 lakes in Oconto County, Wisconsin. Thanks for your business at Spur of the Moment Ranch.

Our Oconto County Discovery Guide available here at the ranch; and also online contains information on our lakes; the types of fish they contain; whether they have public access; and the size of the body of water. Check it out if you are interesting in fall kayaking in Wisconsin.