This past week and weekend Spur of the Moment Ranch was privileged to host the Hafflingers of Wisconsin (HOW) during its peak of fall colors¬†in¬†Wisconsin. They have brought their carriage driving and riding horses up to the ranch for the last 10 years. The forest did not disappoint, the fall colors in the north woods were absolutely beautiful this year. The group utilizes most of the ranch on their visit, the weekend weather was a bit challenging as temperatures dropped into the low 30’s at night and only reached the mid 40’s during the day, but this group is hardy and optomistic, and only commented that the horses would be more comfortable with the cooler temperatures. These folks are veterans of traveling with their horses and came prepared for what ever mother nature had in store for us. There was wind this past weekend, and with the wind many leaves have fallen from the trees, however, the feeling of fall and blowing leaves around you while you are moving through the north woods is part of the autumn experience.

You too can enjoy the fall colors of Wisconsin, you are invited to discover that fall experience in Oconto County. Whether you are riding an ATV; driving a carriage; taking a carriage ride at Spur of the Moment Ranch; walking up the Chute Pond Overlook or the Fire Tower; strolling one of our many trails anyone can enjoy the experience of fall colors in Wisconsin. Take the time to soak in this very special time of year as it will be many months before we can enjoy it again.