There is another adventure sport in Wisconsin that I have very little experience with, but am learning more. Three times this summer Brian Much has brought a group of guys; and one lady up to the ranch. They come mid-week; spend the night at the ranch; then head out the next morning on a 700-1000 mile adventure through Wisconsin on the dual sport trails that run through the state. Dual sport means that they drive bikes that are licensed for the on the road; and off the road experience. They are sleek, they carry all of their stuff for the 3-4 day run on packs on the bike and camp out when they are on their trek. When they return they are muddy, dirty, but have these huge smile on their faces and use words like awesome, fun, what a ride, to describe their experience. This adventure is not without its perils. Brian does attract a fair amount of rain clouds which can make trails slippery and muddy. One of the riders on the last trip hit a slippery patch, laid his bike down and broke his arm in the process. They pretty much take it in stride, all part of the journey, and talking about the next trip before they and bikes are even cleaned up from this one.