Spur of the Moment Ranch is a dog friendly lodging resort in Mountain, Wisconsin. As you can see in our feature picture, my daughter Sarah and my grandkids, Bryce and Tessa are doing their best to get our canine companions Valentine, Minime, Izzy, and Embry to pose for a family portrait in the Bunkhouse during our family reunion at Thanksgiving. Dogs are very special members of our family as is the case with many of our guests. It is wonderful to be able to include them in your holiday or vacation plans. Dogs generally love the ranch and are very relaxed here. You do need to provide proof of rabies; dog charges are $7/day/dog. It is not mandatory that dogs be leashed however, dogs do need to remain under your control at all times.  It does make it affordable and comfortable to be able to include your best friend in your family reunion or getaway.

Besides being with their families, dogs enjoy new smells; things to see; and activity. There are many strange smells at the ranch, there are the donkeys and the horses, and of course the guinea hens that reside here. Then their is the natural wildlife all around us, the deer, the rabbits, the turkeys and much more. Watch out for the occassional porcupine or skunk, that is a couple of animals it is always good to give space to. Dogs love to go for a walk or a run, whether you go down the trail; cross a frozen lake; hike along the river; or just walk the quiet roads, you and your dog will get some great exercise and enjoy some winter fun.

Last winter, we had some very large breeds visit us here at Spur of the Moment Ranch. Some of the large dogs and owners live in big cities where there are not a lot of off leash opportunities. We found that in the winter, folks were able to use our largest horse paddocks as play areas with their large dogs, enjoying having fun with their pets in a semi controlled environment off leash. Both owners and dogs had a good time.All the dogs