Dog friendly getaways are available at Spur of the Moment Ranch. This week  David and Katherine K. joined us with their 3 little beagles Ernie, Mocha, and friend ( forgot the name, I am getting old). They found it a great spot to get the Beagles out for a long 6 mile hike yesterday. Beagles do not miss a sniff in the forest, they love to put noses to the ground take in the world and all that lives in it. Beagles are great little dogs, I think the ranch was a perfect spot for them to relax and spend time as a family pack. Mocha and friendErnie the Beagle

Some dogs are great off leash at the ranch, it is a good idea to keep Beagles on a leash as a good scent can lead them on a long chase through the forest. When Beagles are on the hunt for a scent not many of them can break away from the hunt to come when they are called. The temptation of the forest scents is huge. Thanks for spending a great dog friendly getaway with Spur of the Moment Ranch.