Meet Lily and Jack. Here’s is what they have to say about their visit to Spur of the Moment Ranch in Mountain, WI.

Jack: Are we finally here, I can’t wait to get out of this car. Oh, my goodness, ice and snow, oh, I smell things, got to go!

Lilly: Jack stay here, let’s check out the cabin. Oh check out the fireplace, there is light coming from it. Got to get the light! got to get the light!

Jack: Give it up already it is just the pilot light. Oh my, I think I am just going to cozy down and sleep by the fire. Ooh! That feels good. How bout’ a belly scratch. Good night Lilly.

Lilly: Good night Jack.

Jack: Oh my goodness, we are not the only creatures at the ranch. Look at those funny looking birds.

Lilly: Look at them, I think one would be good for breakfast or at least a fun chase. They say they are guinea hens and they eat wood ticks.

Jack: OK, so they are not very smart, they eat bugs. Let’s go Lilly, you are obsessing again. Oh look, there are two more dogs. The big one is Valentine. The fast little one is Minime. I think she’s cute!

Lilly:  Grrrr! I just want to show her how tough I am, look at me, don’t I look tough.

Jack: Right Lilly, so tough. Come on they are going up to the owner’s log cabin, let’s go see.

Lilly: Wow! Look at the light shining through the window. I need to chase it, I need to find all the light.

Jack: Lilly, you’re obsessing again. Look around, this could be a great doghouse. I didn’t find any bones though. Maybe they are hiding them.

Lilly: Ok, where to next? Looks like John and Laurelei are going to take us on a fun walk. Love those.

Jack: Can’t wait for the bonfire tonight. They say they are having smores. What are smores?

Lilly: People food! Save a little room tonight Jack. Maybe we will score a marshmellow.

Jack: I like this place. Maybe John and Laurelei will bring us again someday.

Lilly: I hope so, I need to chase one of those birds.

Jack: You’re so obsessive Lilly. Knock it off, you’ll get in trouble. Good night Lilly.

Lilly: Good night Jack.