Never in my 58 years on this planet have I seen a Tulip on March 22 in the north woods of Mountain, Wisconsin! Folks here it is! It sprouted today, as you can see my straw is handy, because one never knows if old man winter is done having his fun with us. I am so enjoying this spring here at the ranch. Last night, the frogs woke up in the little pond in the back, they were croaking up a storm. Brad, who does my yard work; and maintenance at the ranch was pushing rocks back onto the driveway yesterday; and cutting and picking up downed branches along the drive by the Ash; Spruce; Cedar; and Maple Cabins. The trees are budding new leaves; the trails through the woods are drying out.

Our guests this weekend at Spur of the Moment Ranch will truly be able to enjoy exploring the Mountain, Wisconsin area during a rare spring. Perhaps I might suggest that they check out Cathedral of the Pines to see if our rookery of blue herons is beginning to nest. Maybe they would prefer a hike over to Chute Pond County Park to walk up the lookout, they should be able to see a long distance with the trees not quite leafed out yet. If we have any kayakers in the crowd this weekend, they might appreciate the rushing water of the Oconto River this time of year, or maybe just sitting outside in one of our aiderondack chairs will do the trick for them. Whatever it is, Spur of the Moment Ranch is ready for another weekend of fun.