It’s late in February, mother nature has not been kind to us with the snow this season, so what do folks do in the north woods to occupy their time on a Saturday afternoon? Why they go to the Riverview Ice Rink right along Highway 32 and bowl with frozen turkeys. They do have rules, Number 1 is to Have Fun; Number 2 is that this is a fundraiser for the recreational department; and Number 3 is that you cannot change rule number 1. You can bowl; or volunteer to be a turkey bowling pin setter (now wouldn’t you like to put that on your resume). There will be raffles; auction items; refreshments; and lots of laughter I’m sure. Bring a hockey puck size can of pet food and grab a hockey stick, shoot the can and donate a buck for the Ice Rinks. The festivities start at noon at the Riverview Ice Rink located right off of HWY 32 between Mountain and Lakewood. Turkey bowling will be history by 3 PM so don’t be late.