Spring is a beautiful time of the year to enjoy Wisconsin’s north woods. While I was walking Valentine and Minime last night I noticed the explosion of Trilliums in the woods. It is like a beautiful blanket of white with a background of green folliage; just after a brief shower it was gorgeous in the late evening sun. Not a day goes by now that I don’t see turkeys cross the road on Kingston, one fanned his plummage for us the other night as it walked off into the forest. The blue Herons should be returning to Cathedral of the Pines anyday if they are not there already making their nests. My favorite spring event is the exodus of the turtles to lay their eggs; and hatch their little ones that must make the long trek back to Chute Pond and the Oconto River. If a getaway back to nature is what you are in need of, check out our cabins at Spur of the Moment Ranch.

Spring is also a great time to do a weekend or midweek cabin getaway with man’s best friend, our dogs. Oconto County, Wisconsin offers a great place to getaway and bring your dog to hike; or canoe. Valentine and Minime look forward to our daily walks, they love being able to sniff the great smells of the forest. Maybe you just need to feel the wind blow through your hair while sitting on the porch of one of our comfortable cabins. Spring in the north woods of Wisconsin is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. Have you experienced it yet? Put it on your bucket list.