Effective 7/1/2012 UTV and ATV registrations in Wisconsin will require owners to display the 2 side decals furnished by the DNR, with the addition of a rear plate which is the responsibility of the owner. The plate needs to be white with a  minimum of 4 inches in height, by 7  1/2 inches wide. The lettering needs to be black with a minimum of 1 1/2 inches in height; 3/16 inch stroke. The only thing that needs to be on the plate is the 4 registration numbers and two letters that follow. The owner is responsible for maintaining the plate in a legible condition; plates need to be attached to the rear of the vehicle. Plates can be made or purchased. WATVA has plate suppliers listed on the WATVA website; the link is http://www.watva.org/index.php/wisconsin-atv/atv-utv-license-plates.

The UTV registrations in Wisconsin will become permanent 7/1/21012. They will have a new decal. UTV public registratio will be $30 for 2 years. UTV out of state visitors will be able to purchase non-resident trail passes. UTV’s will be included in the ATV snowplowing law. There will be maximum passenger and seating requirements; there will be a definition of a UTV. As with the ATV’s, you can find more information on the WATVA website.

Good luck and have a fun and safe summer.