This spring we have been keeping an eye on the horse sicknesses around the state of Wisconsin, especially the EHV1.  There seems to be an up tick in cases.  The map at the top of this section shows the affected counties as of 4/17/2024.  We reached out to our own Veterinarian and she has a few suggestions to help keep everyone’s horses safe this season.  

  • Negative Coggins will be required to unload this year.   You are welcome to email to before you arrive or simply have them ready when you arrive.  We prefer you have a copy, but if you do not we are happy to take a picture of your coggins to keep on file. 
  • Please DO NOT put any hose ends into your bucket while filling.  If you bring your own, that’s fine, but we ask that you heed the same warning should you share your own hose.  We understand it is easier to just put the hose in and walk away to continue getting settled, but this really mitigates the transfer of illnesses. 
  • Please bring your own water buckets & feed tubs.   It cuts down on the spread of sickness if you are not sharing water buckets & feed tubs between horses, especially horses who don’t live together anyway.  
  • Please use a hay bag while you are on the ranch.  This cuts down on the left over hay in the paddocks.  If for some reason you do not use a hay bag, you will need to clean up all loose hay in and around the paddock you are using.  If you need a hay bag, we do have them for sale in Camp Store!
  • Please clean up after your horse.  This includes the driveway or grass areas around the paddocks or your trailers.  We understand if you are already on your horse its inconvenient to get down, please just pick up manure when you return from your ride.   
  • Be conscious of nose to nose contact.  Again, especially if it is not a horse from your group or your own barn. 
  • Please have your horses up to date on vaccines & we strongly encourage taking temperatures a couple days before you come to the Ranch, especially if you are on the road with your horse regularly to other events or trail rides. 
  • Please be aware of others petting your horses or you petting other horses you don’t know.  The virus will transfer on your hands or clothing should you get slobbered on or sneezed on.   We have also included this warning to our general Ranch guests who don’t have horses and want to pet your horse, its okay to say “NO.”   
  • Much like COVID was to us, if your horse is sick, please stay home.   
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call and ask or ask your own veterinarian before you travel. 




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