Welcome To Spur of the moment ranch

At Spur of the Moment Ranch, it is so important for us to close out our busy season at the end of November, rest & re-boot in December when the Ranch is most quite, and hit the ground running in January with our projects to get ready for the New Year’s busy season!   In the past 5 years, we have done some significant projects to update the Ranch!  Projects included many our Ranch Guests would notice, but some are very behind the scene!

Our first big project was new futon couch mattresses & bed mattresses in all the cabins!  We hope you find them comfortable.

After 20 years in business, we also opted to replace all the carpets in the cabins!  In 2020, we closed the Ranch down in the month March, Sarah & Amanda worked like crazy to pull all the carpets out of the cabins and clean the floors.  We spring cleaned all the cabins.  The final week in March it was all hands on deck as we hired a local carpet layer to lay all the carpets while we moved furniture and did all the final clean-up and reset the cabins!  Yikes, it was a whirlwind!  Thank goodness we were ready to welcome guests back in April 1st!

Our third big project came about after the 2019 blow down storm.  During the storm we lost power for 6 days!  While we had a small generator to keep the bath-house, office, & horse water tank running, it was still a rough 6 days!  After we made it through the initial clean-up we researched stand alone generators and they were installed by the following fall!  We are so thankful power is not an immediate worry as electricity in the area has continued to be an issue with high winds, bad storms, or heavy snow storms.  The 2019 storm recovery has been amazing, but it is still on-going!

Our fourth major upgrade was staining all the cabins & the log house!  We are clearly all to old be climbing ladders to the peaks of anything so rented a bucket lift and as you can see everyone learned to operate it just so we could get the project completed!!   Boy was that a long spring, summer, & fall!  Many times we would stain while the Ranch was quiet all week and quick put everything away on Thursday night in time for Ranch guests only to drag it all back out Tuesday morning to keep the project going!!   As tired as we were of staining, the bucket list was fun to use & truly a saving grace for that project!

Our last major project was completed in April of 2023 when Ben came home to surprise Skip for his 70th Birthday!  He spent the week with us and when he asked us what project we would like help with, Sarah did not hesitate!  Ben, Skip, & Sarah completed the deck in a week!   With an hour left before we had to run Ben to the airport they put in the last of the pipe railing!  We have enjoyed using the deck in the 2023 season and we will continue to add fun amenities to the camp store & deck in the future!

All these big projects keep us busy, but we still make time for the small projects.  Those may be anything from a mid-season carpet cleaning to the replacement of equipment that fails, or even splitting & drying firewood!  We take a lot of pride in keeping our cabins dis-infected and clean!  Between every rental dishes are washed, bathrooms are bleached, and the bedding is washed & replaced with clean.    There will always be projects & things to get done, its part of the business, but we do hope you enjoy your stay at Spur of the Moment Ranch!