One of the first questions everyone always asks is, “Can I UTV From Cabin To Trail”. The answer is absolutely YES. The next question is can I UTV or ATV to the restaurants or bar and grills. Here in northern Oconto County town roads and streets are accessible to recreational vehicles so that they can get to restaurants, bar and grills, grocery shopping, and services. ATV’s and UTV’s are not able to ride State highways, county roads, or ditches. However, with the flexibility of being able to ride trails, town roads, and streets you can get around pretty easily. 

Oconto County embarked on a new numbering system a year or so ago, it uses a 3 digit number on traditional brown forest signs which coincides  with the numbering system on our ATV maps. If you turn your GPS system to our National Grid GPS system, the 8 digit code below the 3 digit code will identify where you are within 10 meters. This system will eventually be used for all recreational activities across Oconto County. 

Oconto County enjoys many different types of recreation throughout its spring, summer, and fall season. Please be respectful of others out there using the trails. Please watch your speed, and be wary of water hazards on some of the trails as this has been a very wet summer. Some of them are much deeper and more muddy than you might expect. There have also been periods where do winds and wet soil trees topple over the trail. Please always be aware of where you are riding. 

Many more folks are ATVing and UTVing with children. It is very important for children to have and wear correctly fit helmets and seat belts. There have been a few very serious accidents involving children this year.  It is very important for us to promote safe and fun riding for everyone to enjoy. Take it easy out there. HAVE FUN ON THE TRAILS! 

Below find the links to our trails maps!