Water Bottle BRCovered Wagon first time BSMany folks who have been to the ranch are aware that we recycle as much as possible; use biodegradable garbage bags; organic hand soap; shampoo; and body wash in our bathrooms; organic cleaning products in an effort to be good stewards to the beautiful natural resources that are all around us. It has come to our attention that many guests bring cases of bottled water to the ranch. Water is great for all of us, but did you know that our natural Mountain well water is terrific and comes right out of the tap. In an effort to encourage guests to use their own reusable water bottles, the ranch has private labeled stainless steel water bottles that are reusable, and are easy for you to take with you and refill during your recreational adventures. Our bottles hold 12 ounces; have a carabiner attached, and a wide mouth for ice cubes. They will be available at the office for $10.

Follow the link below to get more information on the fact that bottled water is more expensive; bad for the environment; and is not safer than tap water. http://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/water/bottled/tap-vs-bottled/

Don’t forget our 15th Anniversary Open House this on Saturday, June 6th. Black Rose Thorn, Sophie and Buddy Donkey, Vegas and Darla our new saddle horses will be anxious to meet and greet everyone. All of our carriages and carts will be on display with a little historical information about them. There will be cake and cookies in the bunkhouse with coffee, milk, and juice. Wine and beer will be available for purchase in the Bunkhouse. There will be a fire going in the big fire pit with the makings for smores for anyone that would like one. The Covered Wagon will be out with the donkey team around 11:15 – 12:00;  Thorn will be pulling the Wagonette from about 12:00 PM until 2:00 and giving rides. Sarah will have Vegas saddled up in the paddock for anyone wishing to ride a horse from about 3:00 – 4:00 PM. In addition for the kids we have a horse soccer ball for the kids to play in one of our paddocks; they can try roping the plastic calf; and braiding a horses tail.

All of our new Spur of the Moment Ranch logo items will be on display and for sale at the covered wagon store. Truly a fun afternoon for all. See you there.