Spur of the Moment Ranch offers lessons to ranch guests as well as  families in the community.  We do apologize, we DO NOT OFFER TRADITIONAL TRAIL RIDING!   All lessons, donkey encounters, & carriage rides are by appointment. Please call 715-276-3726 or email Sarah at sarahl@spurofthemomentranch.org

Closed toed shoes and long pants are required. We will provide a helmet and you will be required to sign our waiver to participate. If it is a minor doing the activity a parent or grandparent must be on site while the activity takes place.  

New this summer, we will be offering a Saturday morning kids camp with our 5 mini donkeys.   Kids camps is available by appointment, please watch our Facebook page for dates and times for kids camp.  The kids will have the chance to groom, lead, play games, dress up the donkeys and themselves & just be around the animal for a good hour.  We will finish up our morning with a small art project the kids can take home as a keep sake!   

Our lessons are one on one. They are geared for the beginner rider as most people who contact us about riding have never touched a horse before.   If you choose to do a lesson you will learn the basics of the following:  

  • Grooming horses
  • Learning tack and saddling
  • Riding in a controlled paddock environment to learn basics, walk, trot, canter, whoa.
  • Guiding fun challenges around cones, pushing a large soccer ball
  • Depending on skill & confidence we may go for short trail ride around the Ranch.  

If you love horses, but are apprehensive about riding, maybe you would prefer a carriage ride or learning to drive the carriage. Spur of the Moment Ranch has opportunities for both. The roads and rail road bed near the ranch provide a perfect opportunity for stepping back in history and experiencing what it was like to move around in a horse and carriage. Carriage activities are also by appointment.  Again that activity can include one or all of the following:

  • Grooming on a carriage horse
  • Learning about tack on a carriage horse
  • Driving in a controlled environment or out on trails.

We are excited to kick off the 2024 season and hope to see you soon!