Here we are again, north woods winter is upon us, my first inclination when the cold wind blows, and the temperatures drops to sub-zero is to hibernate until spring. However, the older I get, and the longer I sit the stiffer I get, so it leaves no choice but to bundle up and make peace with the elements. Truth be told, I feel much better after I have been outside and get some really fresh air. So whether I am sweeping porches, checking on my guinea hens and giving some cracked corn, mucking stalls, or feeding hay, or banging the ice out of frozen water buckets, it does get the blood flowing. So far this winter is a little bit more of the norm, although we have had some truly frigid days, we have also gotten some milder swings which really help to break up the winter.

Tessa Ice SkatingAnother thing that helps to bring me alive in the winter is my grandkids. Little Tessa was just busting my chops last night to take her ice skating. I am thinking this weekend might be a good time. I believe the Riverview Ice Rink will be open for your ice skating pleasure. Evidently, the rinks in front of the building have not been flooded, but the rectangular rink behind the building will be open. Fresh air it is this weekend.

Due to the cold start to our winter, over the holiday we had a log cutting and splitting party here at the ranch. Thanks to our friend Wayne who is a The story of the big one and the little onechainsaw wizard; my son Ben and wife Mary; daughter Sarah, and grandkids Bryce and Tessa, and husband Skip we will have enough split wood to keep our home fires warm until spring. It was an outside memory making event and lots of fun for the family over the holidays. Family members captured many pictures of us working, my son impressed with how his mom could handle her little chainsaw, I cut some pretty big logs. I guess my point is that even if you take the family and go for a hike, try ice fishing, cross country skiing, sledding, ice skating, snowmobiling, building a bonfire embracing the season can be a great experience filled with fun memories for your family.

Spur of the Moment Ranch offers a great affordable getaway in the winter season, check out Come play in our north woods winter, come back to your cabin, enjoy the coziness of the in-floor heat and fireplace to put your feet up. Relax, kick back, read a book, watch a movie, make hot chocolate enjoy time with friends and family. See you all soon.Snowmobiling - a great time with friends