Trash, recycling & the Firepits

At the Ranch, we believe it is important to make our guests lives a little easier and deal with the trash.  We do not expect you to take trash home with you, but we do ask you to help us out a little bit because we have to in-turn get it to the dump.   Each cabin and campsite has a RED & GREEN Garbage can.  The RED GARBAGE CAN is for recycling.   Anything you put in the red can must be loose & clean.  It gets dumped right into a huge compactor at our local recycle center in Mountain.  Items okay to throw loose in the Red can are Glass, Cardboard, Aluminum cans, Tin Cans, Plastic #1 & #2, Plastic bottles.  Please do not put dirty aluminum foil, ice bags, or plastic grocery bags.  Many times the kids who help out at the Ranch, load the truck to go to the dump and we don’t like anyone digging through the cans to sort garbage out, especially the kids.  

Everything else or any trash in question goes in the GREEN GARBAGE CAN!   Ice bags, shopping bags, dirty aluminum foil you cooked with, leftover food, and dirty plastic containers are garbage!  

If you have a lot of trash during the weekend and need someone to come replace the bag, please let us know.  We try to stay on top of full trash cans or recycle cans, but every once in a while we miss one!  Also, if you need extra trash bags for inside your cabins, please do not hesitate to ask!  You are welcome to call or text 715-276-3726!  

As for the firepits, each cabin or campsite has a fire pit close by.  Some are shared and some have their own.  We do sell wood at the Ranch.  It is $5.00/bundle & is dry.  If you choose to bring your own wood, we ask you please not burn wood with nails, staples, or garbage in it.   We have a lot trucks tires, ATV tires, horse feet, dog feet, kid feet, etc. moving around the Ranch and it only takes one nail to make someone’s day a rough one!!   If you choose to burn your paper plates & garbage, please make sure it is burned otherwise throwing it out in a trash can is a great alternative.    It makes cleaning out firepits a whole lot easier!   Thank you for helping us keep the Ranch clean & tidy for everyone using it.