Ernie the Beagle






Spur of the Moment Resort is Pet Friendly…For Fun, Dogs can bring their people too! Families enjoy bringing their dogs to the ranch. Cabins are easily accessible to out of doors. There are great places to go hiking, kayaking with your dogs. Many of our canines enjoy sleeping at the fire pits with their owners. Some things to keep in mind so that your dog and you have a great experience are the following:

  1. Bring familiar items from home i.e. food bowl, water bowl, blanket, kennel so your dog feels safe and at home.
  2. Dogs do not have to be on leash, but they need to respond to your commands and come with distractions present.
  3. When at the ranch, remember that you are in the forest, there are routinely rabbits, squirrels, as well as fox, coyotes, raccoons, porcupines, etc. freely roaming the landscape. Particularly dogs ruled by noses will follow a scent and can easily be lost if you are not watching.
  4. Although dogs are able to interact with other people and dogs, it should be a mutually agreed on experience.
  5. Please remember that dogs who do not travel frequently may become stressed if you leave them unattended; they will bark or destroy things. Some people manage pet anxiety by closing shades; turning on TV or fan for noise; a small kennel works well if it is something they use at home.
  6. Thank you for being a responsible pet owner.

Here are a few of our pet guests enjoying the resort with their owners. Pets – tell your owners you want to go! Lucky doing shake a paw -blog insert





Dog buddies