Mountain & beyond

The Mountain and surrounding area is full of great places for hiking & being out in nature.  Every place in this blog is a free or minimally charged attraction so be sure to venture out an enjoy them, even if it is just a few!  Enjoy your stay! 


Mountain Fire Tower

Start the 132 step journey to the top. The Mountain Fire Lookout Tower was built in 1935 by the US Forest Service and Civilian Conservation Corp. It was once a part of an extensive Lookout Tower network in the former Nicolet National Forest. The Mountain Fire Lookout Tower was the first tower in Wisconsin to be placed on the National Historical Lookout Registry and the National Register of Historical Places.

Cathedral Woods

Cathedral Pines is about 15 miles from the ranch. It is the oldest stand of pines in Wisconsin. The night of the storm on July 19th, 2019 one tree fell, (I’m sure there were more with less notariaty) that took out 9 cars. The trees are over 200 years old.

Chute Pond

Chute Pond Recreational Area is home to a variety of fun activities including kayaking, boating, fishing, swimming area, jumping rocks, slippery rock, hiking trails, water crossing for the horses. Check it out!

Butler Rock

Butler Rock is a hiking trail in the town of Brazeau.  It is a 2 mile trail to the highest point in Oconto County overlooking the Chequamegan-Nicolet National Forest. Directions:  Take Old Hwy 64 past Shay Lake to Butler Rock Road, Turn left on Butler Rock Lane & Butler Rock Trail is at the end of the lane!

Hager Mountain

Hager Mountain is not for the faint of heart!   It consists of a few different scenic views in the Nicolet National Forest.  This Natural Forest Area is owned by the US Forest Service & was designated a natural area in 1996.  It is one of the few areas in Mountain where you will find a natural water-fall to a small pool at the base!  Very beautiful!   To find Hager Mountain take HWY W out Bear Paw Lane, there is a dirt trail across from Bear Paw Lane leading to the trail for Hager Mountain.

Bagley Rapids

Located inside the Forest Service Campground, Bagley Rapids is a beautiful spot in any season on the Oconto River.  Known to the locals as Bagley Rapids it is a fairly easy hike during any season.  While the gate is closed to the campground in the winter, you can still walk down to the rapids.  The sites and sounds of any season are worth the hike to sit on the rocks & watch the water flow by.