Spur of the Moment Ranch opened its camp store in 2021. We have had great fun with it and are feeling a bit more comfortable with this endeavor. We finally have mastered the sale & redemption of Gift Cards which can purchased via phone or in person making it easy and convenient for you to give family members or friends the gift of a fun getaway. We also sell ice and wood.  We are happy to deliver it right to your cabin or campsite.  The camp store is always open if we are in the office, checking groups in, or hosting an event in the camp store or on the deck.  If the camp store is closed, do not hesitate to call 715-276-3726 as we are happy to open it for a Spur of the Moment Shopping Spree!!

The camp store has some great items for sale.  We have branded magnets or stickers for those of you who collect them!   In 2023, we had some fun with a new t-shirt company and put Thorn & and Mountain Fire Tower on a t-shirt.  They were popular sellers!  The Thorn coffee mug has also been an hit this year!  Don’t forget to have a little fun at the campfire in the evening with a jig pole to roast your marshmallows, a hot seller among the kids. Our Ranch guests, especially the horse ladies have enjoyed the array of hats, purses, & wallets we have started carry!  Be sure to check them out!

Last year we were able to finish the deck and use it during our happy hours on Saturday evening.   In 2023, the deck was a popular place for Ranch Guests to come and log into the WIFI.   In the fall, as the evenings got cooler our guests enjoyed a great conversation around the pellet stove!!  Don’t forget to stop into the camp store during your visit to the Ranch in 2024!