Be Kind in 2022

Northern Oconto County has always prided itself on being a safe, fun, low-cost outdoor recreational destination for many different user groups.  ATV/UTV’s, horses, snowmobiles, bikers, hikers, boaters, and more opt to use the trails & water way systems we have to offer.  It is important for all users & users groups to be respectful & kind to each other as we make our way through the forest. 

What are some simple easy ways to achieve such kindness while out enjoying your sport?   

Be safe with the proper safety gear:  Wear the proper safety gear for your sport.  Wear a helmet. . . is a perfect example!   Be it a ATV helmet, snowmobile helmet, bike helmet, horse riding helmet, protect yourself. 

Be patient:   Many different user groups and varying skill levels may be using the same trail.   In 2021, we had a lot of new ATV/UTV users in the area.  Many were families with younger children and may UTV or ATV at a slower pace.   There is an active horse riding area between Mountain and the Bonita Grade.  Horse are big animals and can be unpredictable should they become startled or scared.  Take your time, slow down, & wait for the direction of the rider to proceed.  If you are the rider of the horse, be kind and precise about how you wish the ATV-UTV to proceed.  It is okay to ask them to stop and let you pass.  

Have Trail Awareness:  Know the area you are riding in.  Be aware of speed zones, dust zones, local driveways, and road way crossings.   Many times you may be riding through small neighborhood areas where kids may be playing, riding bikes, dogs are out, people are walking the trails and/or crossing the trails.  The more we are aware of our surroundings while riding the trails, the safer it is for all!