Spur of the Moment Ranch has worked through the Covid protocols for the last 2 years.  Although some things will stay the same we have highlighted protocols that will relax a bit.

  • Stay home if you are not feeling well, running a temperature, or coughing.
  • If you have a problem while at the Ranch, we will do our best to fix it, but we need to know about it.  During the check in process you will be given phone numbers should something happen.  Example:  hot water isn’t working, lock yourself out, get lost on the trail, a smoke alarm goes off in a cabin because the battery is dead, etc.  Please don’t wait until Monday to call and tell us.
  • We have returned the plates & bowls to the cabins for 2022.  Silverware & drinking glasses have been returned to the cabins.   We wash all dishes between guests, but do not sanitize.   If you wish to sanitize, we do have packets available for purchase in the camp store. The Ranch does not provide paper products such as Kleenex, paper towels, or napkins.   Toilet paper is provided in the cabins.
  • Local restaurants, bars, grills, & supper clubs are open for business again.
  • If you choose to bring food to cook, please take home or throw away everything you brought with you.  If you leave food or paper products, they will be thrown out for the safety of our staff & next guests.
  • All the futon couches will be covered with a clean colored sheet for you safety.  This allows us to pull it out at the end of every stay & wash it for the next guest.  If you wish to have one of the futon couches as a bed, please let us know ahead of time & it will be made up & ready when you arrive.
  • In 2022, we feel it is still the safest practice to continue to remove anything washable from the cabin & do just that.  All full housekeeping cabins are still stocked with towels.  We have stocked them with less towels than in the past to cut down on clean laundry.    As each guest checks out at the Ranch the cabin is completely cleaned out of all washable linen & towels, sanitized, & restocked for the next guest.    You are always welcome to request more towels, toilet paper, kitchen towels, and coffee.
  • When you get ready to leave the ranch & check out, please leave your cabin as is.  Do not remove the bedding from the beds.  We have a streamlined system to bag it all up & bring it to the laundry room so it can be washed & dried as quickly & efficiently as possible.
  •  Our recycling center has changed.   Please check out our blog about recycling at the Ranch for the details.
  • If you bring horses to the Ranch, we ask you to use a hay bag at all times.   It minimizes the amount of hay in the manure stations & left over hay in the paddocks. DO NOT DUMP LEFT OVER HAY. TAKE IT HOME WITH YOU!
  • Burning in the fire pits is now permitted. Fires need to be manageable, there is still a lot of tree debris on the ranch that is not cleaned up yet. If you bring in wood, please do not bring in wood with nails or staples in it. Only wood in the fire pit, no trash especially cans, Sarah complains about cleaning up after you, and I am getting too old.  
  • Pick up hoof picks, and other horse stuff. The grass grows and ricochets it back to the tractor driver.
  • When you are at the ranch, please do not do donuts on your horse, ATV, UTV, car, boat, RV, bike, or motorcycle. There are many people and animals here, and we do not want anyone to get hurt.
  • Arrival and Departure times need to be 2:00 PM and 10:00 AM respectively. Taking care of the ranch and keeping it safe for everyone is a project. Please be respectful of that. Arrivals after 5:00 PM need make contact with the ranch ahead of time, late arrivals need to be available by cell phone to keep us updated. No arrivals past 10:00 PM
  • Through a little work on your part, and some extra work on ours, we are hoping to provide a safe environment for you to enjoy whatever recreational activity brings you to the ranch.




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